ACCOMODATION - Hébergement

The WBC 2022 will take place on the same aera we already used for the 2011 EBC

The DOMAINE DE MOULERENS offers both the fields for the main events (Teams and individuals) and convenient accomodation just next to the field.

Another accomadation will be used (an hotel) to achieve the total number of beds needed. 

-> More information coming soon 

No transportation is needed from the Moulerens rooms to the field.

Here is the website

146 beds are available. Most of the rooms are double rooms but there are some 4 places appartments and single rooms as well.

The Long Distance event will be organized on the light airplane field in Cabanac, about 25km from Moulerens. The same one was used in 2011 too and provides a great flat aera.