Bordeaux, 12 August 2022 , The following mail has benn sent to ALL LD throwers : 

Dear LD enthusiasts,


You will find some informations about the LD event in this lines :

1) What is the situation in Cabanac airfield, where the LD event is scheduled ? The situation is critical with the forest fires starting again. But there aresome serious rain falls forecasted several times during the week, which give us some good hope. We are still working on a "B plan", just in case...

2) Groups : The throwing groups will be announced on Saturday during the briefing. We plan to have 2 rounds of 8 throws, which is really good. (Unless weather conditions are catastrophic)

There will be a simple turning group organisation, like in Kiel 2016. Exemple : when group 3 is throwing, group 2 is spotting and group 4 is in the warmup zone, etc... We will make it clear during the briefing but it is very simple and efficient.

3) Warm-up : Please note that NO LD boomerangs are allowed in the warmup zone. 50-60m booms like Aussie-rounds are allowed but please NO pure LD with sharp airfoils and low "S" returning flighpath.

The warmup zone will be placed far from the LD field : each group will have a very good warmup time.

4) Spotters : please read the attached notice. It is important that everybody repects this advices in order to gain some precious time and have accurate distance measurements.


MHLDH, see you soon in Cabanac

Laurent, for the CNB





Message from the Long Distance event organizers 


The LD event will take place on the fantastic Cabanac airfield. Please read carefully the registration conditions :

- The number of registrations is strictly limited to 30 throwers. No exceptions.
- The registration is opened for throwers who managed at least ONE 100m+ FLIGHT IN THE PAST 5 YEARS (which means from 2017 to now). The limit is lowered to 90m for Ladies and Juniors.
- In case we have more than 30 registrations : first registred, first accepted.
Why such limitation ? Just because we want to offer a great competition with two full rounds of 8 throws for every competitors, good safety conditions, fair judgement and optimal distance measurements. 
Thank you for your understanding !